Getting An Auto Loan After Bankruptcy

A&A Auto qualify you with our in-house financing. We collect information about available down payment, income, expenses, and other criteria to ensure that you are getting into a used vehicle that you can afford. Keep in mind we have a no credit check policy, so we don’t take your credit score into the equation.

A&A Auto's commitment to its customers is unmatched in the industry. We stand behind our products by thoroughly inspect and service each vehicle prior to allowing it onto our lot. That's why so many of our customers return to A&A Auto long after their need for special credit financing has passed.


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Top 5 Reasons People File For Bankruptcy

1| Loss of Employment

Losing a job can be devastating to one’s personal finances. While some people may have an emergency fund on hand, or receive a severance package, most bankruptcy filers who have suffered a job loss did not have these safety nets in place.

2| Credit Problems

The easy availability of credit cards and installment loans causes many people to spend money they don’t have. When this behavior gets out of control, some may find themselves unable to make even the minimum payment on these debts. While a home equity loan or debt-consolidation plan may help manage these debts in the short term, many people who choose these solutions find themselves eventually filing for bankruptcy

3| Medical Costs

Serious injury or illness can affect anyone, at any time, and result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. Once savings, college funds, retirement accounts, and home equity have been wiped out, the only other option to address these debts may be bankruptcy.

4| Divorce

From start to finish, divorce can be an extremely expensive experience. Legal fees can be extremely expensive for both parties, before piling on costs of alimony and child support, and the new cost of maintaining two separate households. If a person is unable (or unwilling) to make alimony or child support payments, they may experience wage garnishment, making them even less likely to be able to cover all their debts. When one party refuses to make these payments, it can also leave the recipient in financial trouble.

5| Unexpected Emergencies

Natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, or earthquakes, or in the case of loss of property by theft, lack of insurance and emergency savings can force people into bankruptcy. Many are not aware that special insurance is required to recoup losses in the case of some natural disasters, like earthquakes. Those who are not covered can face the costs of emergency food and shelter, and replacing important items lost in the disaster. In particular, those who lose their clothing may find themselves unable to dress appropriately for their job, causing potential loss of income